Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Hannibal Reflection

   1. On our field trip to Hannibal were going to learn about the home place of the author Mark Twain. During our field trip we went to all the houses of the characters in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and in each of the houses, it gave us information about them and there family's and they had replicas of what the houses might have looked like. After all the houses we went on a riverboat ride and looked at a lot of historic sites. Then we went to the cave he described in the book and it was almost just like how it was in real life too.

   2. Our work helped us prepare for our trip because we already knew some of the facts but on the trip, it gave us more detail on the topics and we already knew that he did not live in a super nice house.

   3. On the riverboat, I learned about Lover's leap that is where like if you had just got a divorce or got your heart broken you would go there to die. I also learned that Mark Twain had got his brother a job as a riverboat pilot after he did not want to do the job anymore and gave it too, his brother his brother how became the captain of the PENNSYLVANIA, that Later exploded while he was on board and killed him and Mark Twain always blamed himself for his brother death.

   4. In the Museum and boyhood home, I  learned that the painkiller he talked about in his book he actually had that he when no one was watching he would dump it down a hole in his room. I also learned that all of the people in the book were based on someone in his life so they were all more realistic.

   5. From the tour guide in the cave, I learned that there was this one brand of shoe that signed its company name hoping that they would get more customers like an advertisement but the company still went out of business. I also learned that even with a bunch of candles the caves were not lit up well at all and with one candle you could barely see anything. We also got to see what it was like if you had no candle and you could not see your hand in front of you.

   6. My favorite part of the trip was the riverboat ride because you got to learn a lot of cool facts in when I was above deck and the wind was blowing on my face. I also love the water so that was another reason why that was my favorite part.

   7. The most fun part of the trip was the cave because I really liked the way the walls felt and when they turned off the lights completely I liked it because you could not see your hand right in front of you and the reflections of the different minerals on the walls made them change color

   8. The only thing that I would change would be a longer boat ride and a bigger cave tour too.

Monday, April 9, 2018

History Day Reflection

  1.     Our project was on Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his assassination we did a group Exhibit. Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the heir the Austria-Hungary and his assassination leads to the world war one.
  2.     I agree with what the judges said because they said things that we needed to fix and things that we need to fix, they also said that we need more primary resources and to separate those from the secondary sources.
  3.     The most interesting thing that I learned about our project was that the person who tried to assassination and the person that did assassinate the Archduke Franz Ferdinand both tried to kill themselves but both failed at doing so.
  4.     The hardest part of history day for me was annotating all of our sources because it was just really a pain to cite all our sources and remember which sources we already did because, in the end, we did have multiple sources for the same cite.
  5.     The thing that I learned for this experience was that even if you get a picture from google you have to go all the way back to the cite that it was originally in to see if it is a primary or secondary source and you have to try and go as far back as possible.
  6.     We could improve our project by trying to get more primary recourse and make out thesis more clear on what we want to say in our project.
  7.     I am most proud that we did not get needs improvement in any of our categories and all the facts about the assassinators.
  8.     I don't have anything that would make this trip more meaningful

Monday, January 8, 2018

One Word


        I chose Self-Confident because in the past I have always worried about what people will think if I do something and not really as much about what I wear. Like if I try to do a problem in math and I get it wrong then I am afraid that people will judge me if I get it wrong or say the wrong thing. I want to make it so that I stop caring if other people are judge me and just do it and not care what they think about what I do. This will also be helpful if someone needs someone to stand up for them and I won't care what the other people say.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Iowa State OPPTAG Experience Reflection

My first class was about Food science and how it is used to make food. I leaned that you can make cheese curds from milk and vinegar. In my second class we learned about Improv and it also help teach us how to connect. We went in a circle and we all did an action and a movement and everyone had to copy what you did so we had to pay close action to everything everyone did. The most education part of the trip was the tour I learned a lot on it .One of the things that I learned is that the person who invented rice crispy treats went to college at ISU. The most fun part of the trip was watching the VCRR room. One of the things they should have done was show us some of the three million books that they have. I think we did this so we could see what ISC had and learned what they did in some of the classes so it might help us know what we want to do when we grow up.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Independent project reflection

1. My topic is Desmond Doss, I chose this topic because my pastor was talking about a greater love and how you would put your own life on the line to save someone else life and he showed us a clip from hacksaw ridge and it was really inspiring so I knew that I wanted to learn more about Desmond Doss. Some of the most fascinating things that I learned were Desmond Doss saved 75 people in one night and he was always caring about other even if they were mean to him. I want to know what happened to his brother that he had like what he was when he grew up. I chose to present my project on google slides. I am the most proud about all the facts that I had about Desmond Doss on the presentation. I would improve all the text I have on all the slides and used more pictures of him.

Friday, October 20, 2017

DWA Publishing First Quarter

The Pen is mightier than a sword by Edward Bulwer-Lytton I agreed with this quote because in a war you can stop a war with  one pen because you can sign a peace treaty and end the war by itself where as the sword by itself it can not win a entire war because it would be one person with a sword to a ton of people with swords you would never win.

Imagination is more important than knowledge by "Albert Einstein" I don't agree with this quote because if you only have imagination you can think of a ton of really cool things but you will never be able to make them and you can't get your ideas out there. But if you have knowledge you can make any thing you want but you can not come up with new things but you can build and know every thing you need