Thursday, September 14, 2017

Words of wisdom

Words of Wisdom Project
This is  my Words of wisdom Prezi project

During this project I learned that it was the hardest part to ask the people but after you do that it's a lot easier to talk to them about there words of wisdom.I also learned that you are suppose to use Prezi not Prezi Next.From most of the words of wisdom i got there were a lot about learning from your mistakes so that is what I will start trying to do.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Nauvoo Field trip

I liked the pioneer passing time because we learned how they passed time and we got too try the things they did. That they had over 12,000 people in a short amount of time and there brick clamp it was a smart idea so they could get a lot of bricks done a ounce. The Mormons where forced out of their place because other city's where violent and they did not want to fight back and they had too have nine different places to make wagons. I would choose the black smith's in Nauvoo because I found it cool how he made the rings and horse shoes

Thursday, March 16, 2017

That was then this is outsiders.

    A moral dilemma is 2 or more decision that is tough and you can see how all sides could be right. or wrong.

      The moral dilemma in that was then this is now was Brayon had to make a decision to turn mark in or not. In the outsiders The dilemma was should Jonney and Ponyboy should run away from the cops or turn them selfs in.
     In that was then this is now Brayon turned mark  in because he knew pushing drugs was illegal.In the Outsiders Ponyboy and Jonney decided they would turn them self's in so they did not have to live in the church for the rest of there life's.
     I would have turned Brayon in because if they search there house and fond those they would be in big trouble even Mark and it was a bad thing to do. I would have turned myself in to because eventually you would run out of money and have no food so you could not survive.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Invent Iowa

1. Our  inventions was the sneaker speaker/ISSX2 it was to help people not lose there hearing because of headphones.
2. We are trying to make it so people do not lose there hearing because of headphones because at full blast that is almost equivalent to a rock concerts.
3. We made the headphone in the shoes so it will not be blasting in your ear the whole time and it can make you more social with more people.
4. I think I'm proud of this project because we are trying to solve a problem that is happening with our generation.
5. We had a little trouble with making a physical model so we had to improvise bye just showing what we where trying to say.
6. I would make it so we did not have all the empty space on our board and so we labeled all the parts of the sheets so they know what each piece of paper is.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


       I did my project on Atlanta she was a women from the Greek's. She was famous for the Bore Hunt, Death footrace, and the Argo. My favorite part was using the note cards to do my project it was easy too speak and I think that they could hear me because I was not looking at a screen and when my Dad presents he uses note cards too. The hardest part was actual speaking to the audience. I don't exactly like speaking in front of people in case I say something wrong or offensive to them. I improved by practicing how to be a better listener to the speakers.I would change trying to not studer as much.


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Poetry Reflection

       1.   The poetry activities changed my mind because I thought all you did in poetry is write about your feelings but I learned that you can wright about any thing  with poetry.

    2.I enjoyed the poker card poetry activate. Because I learned that you can make a poetry out of almost any words as long as you have a lot of them. Poetry can make you feel anyway and if you think of poem one way some one else might think of it another way. It's like you throwing out a bottle into the water and hopping that it gets to the right person.                 
   3.My poem was the Beholder in the silence the name of my book is the swamps of sleethe by Jack Prelutsky. It sounded really cool and it sounded somewhat like mars or pluto.   

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


1. Tejo is a game you play with explosion you throw a puck from 16-18 feet away. If it hit the gun powder it makes an explosion. 

2. The most interesting thing I learned that this game involves beer you get more beer than every person there. Some people believe the indies started started Tejo. 

4. I will come up with the an conclusion and explain it better.